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Over 480,000 Structural Fires Occur Each Year in the US

That's 1 fire every 65 seconds

Structural fires are extremely dangerous to human life, causing thousands of civilian deaths and injuries.

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Firefighters are required to search burning buildings for signs of human life

But 60% of the time, there is no one inside


Effects of Firefighting Search and Rescue

Federal & State regulations require firefighters to search all structural fires (burning buildings) for any signs of human life or trapped victims before or while fighting the blaze itself, unless deemed life-threatening.

Firefighters regularly face life-threatening situations and risks such as:

Falling Debris, Intense Heat/Flames, Smoke Inhalation, Chemical Hazards, Lost/Trapped


Annual Injuries


Higher Cancer Mortality Rate

512 Fatalities

Past 30 Years


HazMat Exposures

68% of all firefighters will develop cancer in their lifetimes

Center for Disease Control (2017)


Injuries = Increased Cost

U.S. Fire Department Annual Expenditures


Cost of Average Firefighter Injury


Annual U.S. Fire Dept. Injuries Losses


Annual Search and Rescue Injuries Cost


Average Firefighter Fatality Cost

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