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FireBot - Every Firefighter's Best Friend

Forged By Flames

Agile, Rugged, Intelligent

World’s first thermally insulated robot that can be remotely deployed into burning buildings to efficiently search for and locate human life and hazardous chemicals. We help mitigate firefighters' risks and increasing victims chances for survival.

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FireBot V4 (Coming Soon!)

Firefighting doesn't stop, so neither do we

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Nothing Comes Close to FireBot

650C for 15 minutes

FireBot is potentially the "world's hottest robot" able to withstand incredibly high temperatures and hazardous conditions.

HazMat Ready

FireBot is designed to be intrinsically safe, explosion proof, flameproof, and de-contaminationable. We are seeking certification.

Operates 12x Longer

FireBot can operate in 200C 12x longer than a firefighter wearing NFPA 1971 standard regulation bunker suits (PPE).

3x the Speed

FireBot moves at 12 ft/s, thrice the speed of an average firefighting in a structural fire.

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1 Mile No-Line-of-Sight

FireBot uses MIMO technology to be wirelessly controlled and data can be streamed up to 1 miles away with no line of site, and with significant obstructions, tested up to 10 16+ in concrete walls in the fresnel zones.

20+ Sensors

FireBot's sensor package includes day/night HD optical and thermal imagers, radar mapping, IMU data, telemetry, temperature, humidity, smoke, fire, CO, CO2, NO2, VOC, LPG, NO, HCN, (NH4)2S, SO2, and other various HazMat gas detection sensors.

1 Hour of Operation

FireBot can be remotely operated for one hours at full speed on battery power alone.


Affordable, accessible, and advanced


FireBot provides rapid, real-time wireless transmission of life-saving information from the heat of the flames to the safety of the outside, displayed on an easy-to-understand robot control interface. Firefighters use the Firefighter Control Interface (FCI) to remotely control FireBot through a structural fire, efficiently and thoroughly searching for signs of human life and identifying any dangerous situations.

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FireBot's obstacle-climbing platform utilizes mechanisms developed and tested extensively by various robots deployed in military applications over the last forty years. The obstacle-climbing technology combined with durable and powerful tracks allows FireBot to surmount and overcome stairs, debris, and chaotic situations found in structural fires.

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FireBot includes a modular design, allowing for firefighters to customize feature-sets and pricing of their unique FireBot. From advanced sensors, to longer battery life, FireBot ensures that it meets customer needs, no matter the landscape of their situations.



FireBot moves thrice as fast as a firefighter wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE). Where firefighters struggle to quickly search large, open structures on their hands and knees while remaining in safety or close proximity to a wall, FireBot excels. FireBot can speed through vast commercial or industrial facilities or rapidly surmount crowded rooms, all the while efficiently scanning for victims.


Ruggedness and Reliability

FireBot is built to be tough, and withstand tremendous abuse, wear and tear, and heavy usage. Most importantly. FireBot can withstand and operate in extremely high temperatures of 650C for 15 minutes, and 200C for 60 minutes, allowing it to greatly outlast firefighters in structural fires, and conduct large search operations. This enables FireBot's reliability in these dangerous and unpredictable environments.

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